Executive Presence

Executive presence - the ability to engage fully in the moment - is a skill that every leader needs. But in a world of packed work agendas and constantly pinging smart phones, we can all too easily get distracted. As a result, we end up feeling we never really engage fully with anything or anyone.

True executive presence is something that others have to feel, and we can only communicate it if we truly embody it. So how can we develop or improve our core presence?

The key to executive presence is to be authentically present in our surroundings, to the people around us and, most importantly, to ourselves. We are all born with the capacity to be present, so we just need to address what is blocking this innate ability. Improved presence is a skill you can also apply in your private life, enhancing every aspect of your existence, from your personal relationships to the way you enjoy a glass of wine.

Davide Piai

Davide Piai trainer in words in action


• Understand and manage your neurophysiology
• Learn to truly connect with the people you interact with
• Discover and enhance your meta-awareness
• Access your true qualities
• identify your limiting beliefs

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• More powerful communication
• improved ability to deal with difficult situations
• More authentic presence
• Increased creativity
• Improved decision making
• Better quality of life

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