Launchpad to Leadership

Why should anyone be led by you? Whether you are a high potential just entering your first leadership role, a mid-level leader considering your next career move, or a senior executive in need of a pitstop, Launchpad to Leadership is your opportunity to ask yourself some simple, but testing questions about your right to lead.

By reflecting on your own personal answers to these questions, and practicing your leadership skills in role play supported by feedback sessions, you will come out of Launchpad to Leadership with greater authenticity, self-awareness and self-esteem.

Neal Woodcock

neal woodcock trainer in words in action


• Articulate why you want to be a leader
• Identify which parts of yourself you need to develop
• Identify any inhibitions standing in your way
• Become more confident and assertive
• Find out what others think of you as a leader

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• A clearly articulated, unique leadership selling proposition
• Greater authenticity
• Increased self-confidence
• A more accurate self-image