Leading in a diverse workplace

You got to where you are today as a result of your own hard work, right? After all, modern organisations are meritocracies, and talent will always be rewarded, right? Wrong. Statistics show that, while we strive for equality and the right to be rewarded for our talents, some of us remain decidedly more equal than others.
In Leading in a Diverse Workplace training, you can find out whether you are one of the lucky few. You can discover which doors have been held open for you, and which may have been held firmly shut, simply because of the ‘skin that you’re in’.

And just in case you were thinking that the problem lies with other people, you will be confronted with your own unconscious biases. Yes. Even liberally educated you. Because black or white, man or woman, gay or straight, we all have our own pet prejudices that impact our ability to relate to our customers, employees and suppliers fairly and that affect our ability to lead.

Neal Woodcock

neal woodcock trainer in words in action


• Become aware of your own privilege and unconscious biases
• Increase your ability to recruit from the broadest possible pool of talent
• Increase your awareness of diverse customer segments
• Develop new leaders from previously underrepresented groups
• Make your organization more meritocratic
• Stimulate innovation by bringing together a range of voices, from a wider variety of different backgrounds

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