Presentation Skills

The ability to present in way that inspires others to action is one of the most critical of all leadership competencies. Presentation skills are not just good for making speeches in front of a live audience. They are also useful when speaking on conference calls, at staff meetings and even when communicating online.
Despite the importance of good presentation skills, many people fear speaking in front of an audience almost more than anything else. They feel nervous, inhibited, awkward and they fear they will look stupid because they do not know how to answer difficult audience questions.

What you will learn most about in Presentation Skills training is yourself. From beginning to end, each exercise is recorded on video and immediately reviewed with your peerss so that you can immediately apply the lessons learned as you complete a quick succession of practical exercises.

Neal Woodcock

neal woodcock trainer in words in action


• Deal with your nerves
• Get over your inhibitions
• Develop the habits of highly effective presenters
• Relate to your audience
• Deal with difficult questions

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