Story-Telling for Executives

The ability to engage and influence others through powerful story-telling is a vital skill for any leader, and it’s no secret that the best brands rock at it.

But good story-telling requires people from across the business to work together. And even experienced leaders can lack the practical knowledge they need to discover, develop and deliver stories they can use in a variety of situations throughout their organisation, from strategy through to marketing.

Our Afternoon Story-telling Workshop fills the story-telling knowledge gap. It gives you the opportunity to learn and practice how to unearth stories in your company, make them fit for public consumption and inspire others to tell and re-tell them in a variety of situations throughout your organisation.


spencer waldron trainer in words in action


Learn the three D's of story-telling:

• Discover stories you can use
• Develop stories that speak to a wide audience
• Deliver stories throughout your organisation

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You will leave the Afternoon Story-Telling Workshop with an understanding of:

• Why story-telling starts with story-listening
• What it means to be a story archaeologist
• Where you can find stories in your business
• How to develop stories into meaningful, persuasive narratives
• How best to communicate your stories
• How to use storytelling as a leader in your company
• How to build a story outline for your brand or company

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